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From Autism to Royalty

From Autism to Royalty

    As the mother of three young boys, Pam Honey seemingly already had enough on her plate. Then, she noticed that her middle son was behaving differently than her other two sons.

    "It seemed as if a thief had been lurking and then suddenly crept in during the night and secretly kidnapped our son, and then put someone else's spirit back inside our precious Jordan!

     Something was very wrong!"

     Pam Honey tells the story of how she dealt with doctors, teachers and her own internal struggles to raise up a son with autism in a world that seemed bent on ignoring him.

    "Life would never be the same in the Happy Honey Home! Our faith and trust would be tested from every angle!

     If there was ever a time that I felt shattered, alone, and defeated, it would have been at that moment. These four words were scrawled across my journal: My child has autism."

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